METRINO is a PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM using Revolutionary Design..

A viable solution to problems of traffic congestion, pollution and subsidies.

Construction, Operation and Maintenance costs are many times less than current systems.

METRINO - PRT is the only profitable mass transport solution.


The world’s best 21st century urban transit system.

An innovative city transportation system - small (car size), fully automated, driverless, electric “Pods” travel independently. They are suspended under an overhead network of light guideways above main streets. All rides are individual and on-demand, 24x7, safe and with no need to share with strangers. They start from any station on the grid stopping only at the selected destination.

Technically the most advanced, Metrino-PRT has the least interference to daily functioning of the city during construction.

A solution which reduces traffic congestion and automotive pollution while raising the quality of urban life.

This state-of-the-art public transport will save authorities millions of dollars in development costs and annual infrastructure. Metrino-PRT is the most economically viable system.

Metrino-PRT provides capacity, speed, safety and comfort for passengers.

Metrino moves - when nothing else can.

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