METRINO – Known previously as MISTER.

Development, franchising and operating of an entirely new method of urban travel. In demand. Right now!

Pod design

New Brideson Design Pod

Pod design with bike carrier

New Brideson design

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Crisis Points of City Transportation

  • Structural inefficiency
  • Traffic jams
  • Aging societies
  • Huge development cost
  • High operating cost and subsidies
  • Big ecological problems
  • Population growth

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The growing problem with no solution. Similar to the “horse manure crisis” 100 years ago – solved by the arrival of cars.

The PRT Solution

Well developed concept, now feasible as a result of inexpensive :

  • powerful computers
  • sensors technologies

Consisting of:

  • Infrastructure – elevated Guideways with small off-line stops
  • Automated Vehicles moving between stops along the guideways
  • Self-driving to your house (last mile)

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PRT is the only viable city transportation solution. GOOGLE driver-less cars will not solve congestion.

Metrino – The Benefits

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  • Best cost-performance
  • All technologies available
  • Scalable (unlimited)
  • Safe and Simple
  • Fully automated
  • Inexpensive
  • Fast
  • Comfortable

PRT is a radical improvement over current city transport systems. In terms of impact, it’s equivalent to the microchip replacing discrete electronics.

PRT – The Market

  • 3000+ cities world wide over 50,000 population
  • $2+ trillion market per year (Frost and Sullivan)
  • GOOGLE : “We need to have an eye towards PRT systems …”
  • “We are on the cusp of the most radical transformation in energy and transportation in a century” (Tony Seba, Lecturer Stanford University)

The urban transport market is huge ant not susceptible to economic cycles, weather or fashion. …Tony Seba lectured on this subject in Auckland last month.

Metrino Prototype Development

Full scale and working prototype

  • Built
  • Tested
  • Patented

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Customers and Funding

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  • 12 cities have signed LOI’s.
  • 2 have offered $20M/year of pre-orders once a 10 km pilot system ($100M) is operating
  • More than 40 other cities have been contacted. Many will sign Operating Concessions when METRINO is certified and “shovel ready”
  • US$ billions of conditional funding have been offered for all commercial developments

We have PROVEN that cities will let us build the Metrino system. These LOIs were issued BEFORE we even had a prototype.
Genuine demand the is most important element of RISK mitigation.


METRINO – Market Landscape (Public Transit Competition)

Table v other transport

METRINO – Financial Projections

Sources of Revenue:

  • Tickets
  • Advertising
  • Freight
  • Utilities & Merchandising